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Farnaz Khan – Fit Britches shares her tips for starting a business:

The idea: Find your passion. It has to be something that will get you out of bed every morning or like me the excitement doesn’t let you sleep. Determine how your business will be different. How will you stand out … Continue reading

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Mum’s the word!

Mum's the Word for Jo Tomlinson!

Jo Tomlinson of Business Works tells us her unique story. I am a single Mum and have been for seventeen years. My twin boys were two when my marriage broke down. When my boys were born, I would have loved … Continue reading

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Thinking of starting up in business?

Business Start-ups Don't Need to be Daunting.

There is never the perfect time to set up in business. An economic downturn could be as good a time as any – at least things can only get better and, when they do, you’ll be established and ready to take full advantage. If you are thinking of starting up in business read some practical advice from Sarah Parker, an experienced business adviser. Continue reading

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Ever Considered Starting up Business with your Partner?

Have you ever considered starting up a business with you partner? The following article contains some key questions for the two of you to ask yourselves before you do, in addition to tips to help you avoid some of the … Continue reading

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Latest Media

Women ONLY panel discussing the news on BBC! WOW!

What a pleasure it was last weekend to turn on the TV and to see 3 women discussing #BBCPapers at @BBCNews. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to do a double take. What’s really interesting and usual about this appearance … Continue reading

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