Is change a problem or an opportunity for you?

Sylvia Gautier, Life Coach, explains that taking action to manage difficult problems can bring us great benefits. It’s all in your mindset…

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, you have three ways to deal with it: you can ignore it and hope it will eventually go away, you can deal with it and go back to your life as soon as you can or you can deal with it and turn it into a great opportunity. I choose to deal with difficult life situations in the third way. For me change is powerful and can open the door to great things, if we have the right mindset.

Change ahead

Avoiding change is more stressful and can lead to not coping at all

Change is stressful but is even more stressful if we see it as an obstacle or as a problem. Some people can decide not to deal with a difficult situation, they’d rather procrastinate than do something about it at the beginning. This way of dealing with things is the more stressful one because you are not in action. Their motto is “Wait and see” and “I hope it will just go away”. Well, the truth is that it doesn’t. On the opposite: in most cases, the difficult situation will slowly become a big issue. You can actually get into big trouble by letting things be and can end up with owing money or ending up in court. For me, those people don’t live life fully. They choose to avoid reality and decide to stay in their safe zone all the time. But by not acting, their safe zone becomes very unsafe and those people end up not being able to cope at all. This really is scary.

change is stressful

Problems can be a shock but there’s nothing positive about going quickly back to your comfort zone

Others can see themselves as victims and think that they don’t have a choice when they are faced with a problem. They can put a lot of pressure on us by thinking like that because they don’t feel in control any more.  It’s easy to see problems as coming from the outside and as falling on you when you don’t expect it. It can be a shock, it can be scary and as a result most people deal with it as quickly as possible and go back to their lives, back to their comfort zone.  There is nothing positive about doing that. It’s only about stress, fear and pressure that  can lead to lack of time, unhealthy work/life balance, feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed, depending on the problem.

Difficult situations bring opportunities, but you need to look for them

The other way to look at it is to see difficult situations as challenges and learning opportunities. It’s about anticipating situations before they become difficult ones, it’s about dealing with situations straight away when they are easily manageable, it’s about taking responsibility and being ready to learn from those situations in order to open opportunities for ourselves. You are in control because you make the choice to deal with the situation a certain way. You take time to analyse the situation, to see the different options available to you and think of the outcomes. How will you benefit from that situation? What skills and life skills will you gain from it? The opportunities are plenty but you need to look for them and create them for yourself. At the beginning it is not always easy to see things this way, but the more you change, the more you learn to manage change in an efficient way and the more benefits you get. You become stronger, more confident and ready to challenge yourself. Many years ago I dreaded change like everyone else. I found it too scary and too stressful. But now that I have the experience, I found it very powerful. It is powerful when it’s well-managed. There is nothing like it. I learn from each difficult situation I am in and just grow stronger and stronger as a person. Change has enabled me to be who I am today and I am very grateful.

This is why I decided to become a Life Coach: to help people manage the changes in their lives and turn them into fantastic opportunities for themselves. Everybody can do it, you just need to take action and have the right mindset.

Sylvia Gautier 2012. Sylvia is a Life Coach @

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