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How to deal with negative feedback and criticism

In the course of business you’ll be dealing with lots of negative feedback from staff, colleagues, clients, friends, family and even mere observers. Being at the receiving end of any kind of negative feedback is painful and can have a … Continue reading

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How to Demonstrate Credibility


It is a fact that we cannot not communicate. Whether communicating face to face, speaking on the telephone, or in writing, all these mediums will communicate a message about us. Continue reading

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Women in Business: Dynamic Paths to Success

Panelists at the Thomson Reuters conference in November

Last month Thomson Reuters and Sapient’s Women’s Leadership Network came together to discuss paths to success for women in business. Here’s a brief summary of the do’s and don’ts the panelists recommended. DO: Take risks. Never be afraid to challenge yourself. Be brave … Continue reading

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Blogging – The Benefits for your Business

Blog your Way to a Better Business

Most business owners recognise that in an increasingly digitalised age, having an online presence for a business is vital. Here is a short guide to help you launch your blog; read on to discover more of the benefits for your business. Continue reading

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Is change a problem or an opportunity for you?

Change ahead

Sylvia Gautier, Life Coach, explains that taking action to manage difficult problems can bring us great benefits. It’s all in your mindset.
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Thinking of starting up in business?

Business Start-ups Don't Need to be Daunting.

There is never the perfect time to set up in business. An economic downturn could be as good a time as any – at least things can only get better and, when they do, you’ll be established and ready to take full advantage. If you are thinking of starting up in business read some practical advice from Sarah Parker, an experienced business adviser. Continue reading

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Payment Guides aimed at SMEs soar in popularity

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) have announced this week that downloads of their Managing Cashflow Guides aimed at SME’s have exceeded the 300,000 mark. The ICM says… SMEs continue to show … Continue reading

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The heart of your company? . . . . Customers!

Amanda Farrell

Business success today requires a new depth of customer insight. Going into the success or failure of a company is determined by the relationships it builds with its customers. In the last 5 years businesses worldwide in every industry, are … Continue reading

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Change – Are We Doing Enough?

Want to know how to make business change successful? Curious about the human factor involved in change?  Read on … To make successful strategic changes for  our businesses, we need to: Encourage an effective team, no matter how small, to … Continue reading

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What makes a good business plan?

Business Plan

This article looks at the use of a business plan to attract investment and give some tips on how to make sure that your plan gets the attention it deserves from potential funders. Audience Different investors will be looking for … Continue reading

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Women ONLY panel discussing the news on BBC! WOW!

What a pleasure it was last weekend to turn on the TV and to see 3 women discussing #BBCPapers at @BBCNews. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to do a double take. What’s really interesting and usual about this appearance … Continue reading

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