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5 Tips for using PR to raise the profile of your business to drive sales

By JH Public Relations - 1. Seek out ideal potential partners for cross promotion  By thoroughly understanding your customer you can identify other brands that share your target market. This synergy creates an ideal opportunity to collaborate with brands who … Continue reading

03 Mar 14Read more

Farnaz Khan – Fit Britches shares her tips for starting a business:

The idea: Find your passion. It has to be something that will get you out of bed every morning or like me the excitement doesn’t let you sleep. Determine how your business will be different. How will you stand out … Continue reading

16 Aug 13Read more

Download Presentation: The Pacific Road to Success – by Lara Morgan 20/03/13

Download the PowerPoint Presentation from this event. (right-click the link and choose the Save Target As or Save Link As) The Pacific Race to Success: Lara’s own compelling story of setting up a business as a one-man band, age 23, through to the sale of her 99% shareholding … Continue reading

27 Mar 13Read more

How to Demonstrate Credibility

It is a fact that we cannot not communicate. Whether communicating face to face, speaking on the telephone, or in writing, all these mediums will communicate a message about us. Continue reading

17 Dec 12Read more