Technology brings ‘anywhere workplaces’ and shrinking office spaces

An interesting article in shows how online retail organisation Zappos has created a workplace to reflect the needs of today’s young professionals.  It reports how technology is allowing its workers to be based anywhere, resulting in a rise in home working and hot-desking (known as hoteling in the USA).

The company says its workers do not aspire to the traditional large corner office anymore, preferring to use their laptop and smart phones. “They’re more concerned about being around other people who do cool things than how big their desks are” says a Zappos executive. So Zappos has demolished walls to make way for more casual open-plan office layouts, with sofas, a café and treadmill. Not even the CEO has an office. With no need for offices, the workspace is shrinking – a trend that is expected to increase over the next 10-15 years as leases expire.

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