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We have been approached by various media production companies looking for Forward Ladies members who are willing to share their stories.

Production Company seeks Businesswoman for TV documentary

North One Television is searching for an ambitious, entrepreneurial and successful businesswoman who owes some of her success to a stay at home husband.   It seems that couples around the country are increasingly finding it difficult to both work, and juggle children or other duties at home.   Gender roles are something we are keen to explore in this documentary, and we would love to feature a happily married couple who has made the ‘role reversal’ work for them. If this sounds like you or you know any business women whose husband is a ‘stay at home husband/dad’ we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Sarah for more information or call 020 7502 5768

British family Life in 2012

While the attention of the world is on the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics this summer, most of us will be planning celebrations, awaiting new arrivals or simply just trying harder and harder to get by.  Against this backdrop we’re hoping to tell the stories of inspiring, warm and engaging families – from all areas and backgrounds across the UK, living through this year of austerity and celebration. We’d like to reflect a range of issues faced by families in 2012 – from the day to day struggles of juggling work and parenting, moody teenagers and cheeky toddlers to more serious issues of redundancy, money worries or fears for the family business.   But it’s not all doom and gloom, as much as we want to reflect national issues we also want to see how the family celebrates weddings, birthdays and christenings in 2012, and to celebrate these milestones with them. We’re currently researching the series and would like to speak to as many families as possible about their experiences. Any conversations will be informal and confidential and do not commit people to taking part. For more info, please email Twofour via, call us on 0207 438 1804 or text us on 07553 816 385. You can find us on Facebook at:

Single Ladies Wanted!

Would you like the chance to participate in a unique television programme looking at how relationships are formed and what it takes to truly connect with someone? This summer, we are looking for women who believe it’s time for a fresh start in their search for someone special. For more information please email with your name, age and contact details.

Are you a business-woman or budding entrepreneur?

Ann Summers are searching for a group of British women to help them develop new products tailored specifically for the customers. This process will offer those taking part new business experiences to produce a range of products that can truly appeal and satisfy the women of Britain. Jacqueline Gold, CEO Ann Summers, is personally leading the project and she is looking for women with business minds and entrepreneurial skills to join the ‘People’s Panel’.  The panel will be a warm, articulate and supportive group of women who will help her team create brand new, ground breaking product/s. We’ll be filming this process for a Channel 4 documentary and the project and the documentary will result in some great new products coming to market and a warm film that delivers a really positive message. If you want more information or would like to take part, e-mail:

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