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Emma Carter
Emma Carter

An introduction to Hub Content Editor, Emma Carter.

Marketer, copywriter and mum-of-two

After qualifying with a degree in Marketing, I started my career in the media and publishing sector working at the Yorkshire Post and Trinity Mirror Newspaper Group.  In 2000 I moved into B2B services, undertaking a varied job role covering all aspects of marketing and business development. I joined the senior management team of EAL (a leading qualification awarding body) in 2005 where I headed up the marketing communications activities until I took a career break two years ago when my youngest son arrived on the scene!

A keen interest in digital marketing

It is perhaps because of my investigative newspaper days and my belief in lifelong learning that during my career ‘break?!’ I took a greater interest in digital marketing and web content and now working with Forward Ladies is my first step back into business.

Joining the Forward Ladies ‘posse’!

I am thrilled to be joining Forward Ladies. ‘Blogging in the Hub’ is not something I thought I would ever say but I think it sounds rather cool. My daughter disagrees and says it sounds like a New York rapper! Either way I’m very excited. I’m quite inquisitive so it’s just fabulous being able to delve into various business matters and post them up here. I’ll be searching far and wide to bring together a digest of topical news, hints and tips and in-depth guides that will help you get ahead.  My particular interests are in strategy and planning, lifelong learning and, as a mum-of two, government policy around working parents.

I may not be able to rap any lyrics for you but I do hope my blogs and posts are valuable. Finally, working behind the scenes can be lonely so if you read something that you would like to make a comment on, please do so here.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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