What will your business look like in 2020?

Workplace of the Future

Avid readers of the Forward Ladies Hub may recall an article recently that described the work place of the future It talked about workspaces being open, more casual and filled with the latest technology to allow anywhere working.  In the next 10 years partition walls, large corner offices and mahogany desks will be a thing of the past. They will be replaced with leather sofas, a coffee lounge, gym equipment and mobile communications.  And the people …  They will be mobile – working anywhere; from home or any other place that suits (coffee lounge, internet cafe or beach anyone?!).  They will ‘hangout’ with their colleagues comparing the latest in technology and will drop by the workplace –  which by 2020 will be much smaller in size –  to hot desk ( known as ‘hotelling’ in the US).

Time to hit the coffee lounge, check some data analytics and conversations happening on the web. The life of a marketer in 2020?

Job Titles in 2020

So ever wondered what jobs these people will be doing in the next decade?  In the marketing world we have already seen a shift from traditional media and direct mail to digital job roles such web content editors and SEO analysts for example.   So I was intrigued by an article recently that listed the top 5 jobs for the marketing team of the future.  It details the most common marketing job roles that recruitment specialists believe will be popular during the next decade.  It certainly makes interesting reading and gives hints at the types of activities businesses will be engaged in 2020. The top 5 titles are summarised below.

Crowdsourcing Specialist – This role has 2 parts: listening and promoting. It ditches the sales pitches and monitors conversations happening on the web.

Vice President of Marketing Data Analytics – Decides when, why and how marketing data should be tracked. It aims to measure every aspect of a campaign and feedback to campaign strategists that design promotions.

ROI and Marketing Budget Officer – To track ROI from all promotion channels and adjust spending based on those results.

Marketing Integration Planner – To identify ways to deliver a single marketing message, campaign or branding effort across multiple digital channels

Content Marketing Czar – This position would plan the development of websites, blogs, videos, infographics, webinars and social media etc..

Whether your business is large or small I am sure that these roles – or parts of them – will become important in the future. Can you see them in your business in 2020?  It’s definitely given me an insight – I’d better go and brush up on my skills now! …

Credit : Read the full article  5 Jobs of the Marketing Team of the Future  Ashley Furness  June 2012

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