WiBA 2012 – Have you nominated yourself yet?

The unthinkable could happen – you could win! 

My ex-boss sent me a picture text message last week.  It said “remember this?”  Wow! It brought back such a rush of happy emotions. It was a photograph of us both, dressed up to the nines in the back of a London cab, looking a bit worse for wear I have to say.  It was the early hours of the morning and I was clutching some flowers and a trophy.  It had been a fabulous night at a prestigious awards ceremony for marketing achievements…. and I had won my category! Incredible as it seemed, unthinkable really, but it was actually very true… I had won!

Wiba 2012

It never crossed my mind to enter myself for an award

The ceremony was organised by ‘Marketing’ (a UK marketing industry publication). I’d read about the awards for weeks but it really hadn’t crossed my mind to enter myself, let alone the fact that I might come home with an award.

So how did I get there? 

A colleague suggested that I should enter.  I was flattered but felt a bit embarrassed in truth.  There were some big brands out there doing fabulous things and I wasn’t entirely sure I measured up. It appears that my initial reaction is not too uncommon. Just this week I read how musician Richard Stilgoe, who has worked on some great musicals such as Starlight Express and Cats, was “thrilled and a bit embarrassed” when he was awarded a knighthood in the Queens Birthday Honours list this year.

I think the major factor in my reluctance to enter was that I didn’t initially recognise anything special about my work. I was just doing my job. Perhaps I felt undeserving or it rather un-British to shout about my success.  So my colleague then appealed to my business sense…

Did I mention I’m an award winner?!

Being nominated alone will raise your profile and winning gives you even more exposure.  It gives you credibility and impresses your customers.  Hey, I’m a marketer so I had to give it a shot.  The evening itself was a brilliant opportunity to network with like minded professionals,  my company was in the spotlight and we leveraged as much PR from it as we dare.  I also felt immensely proud and wasn’t embarrassed at all.  Word got out to clients and colleagues, I was seen as something of an expert and my confidence soared.  I have since been nominated , shortlisted and won other awards.  In fact I got so ‘into’ them that I was later approached to present at an awards ceremony too!

With the WiBA 2012 entry deadline approaching I thought I would share my experience with you fabulous, high achieving Forward Ladies. Have you nominated yourself yet? What are you waiting for? It’s good for you and it’s good for business.  Go ahead; the unthinkable might happen … you could win!

You can read full details and enter the Women in Business Awards 2012 here. Entries to be received by Friday, 29 June 2012 for Yorkshire & the Humber  and Friday, 6 July 2012 for  North West & the Isle of Man. 


Emma Carter 2012

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