Top Ten Tips for Organising Your Office Christmas Party

Being shouldered with the responsibility of organising your office Christmas party can often be a thankless task and you are under huge pressure to make sure everyone enjoys their one big office night out of the year.

There may be a large range of ages and tastes to cater for, plus budgets if work colleagues are paying their own way. You will want it to run smoothly and be remembered for all the right reasons, particularly by your boss!

Mell events can help take the stress out of organising your office Christmas party. The website has hundreds of Christmas party options nationwide to choose from, all conveniently just a click away. No more time-wasting whilst trawling through numerous venues to find what you are looking for. On the mell events website, the parties can be found under a region or location heading, ensuring it is quick and easy to find multiple local options for your big night. Gala Dinners, Masquerade Nights, Casino Nights, Murder Investigation Nights, Themed Parties, Buffets, Christmas Lunches or Tribute Band Nights to name just a few, we have parties to suit the whole office. Should you not find anything which fits the bill, mell events can arrange a bespoke package to cater for your every whim.

Here are our top 10 tips on how to organise your office Christmas party:

  1. Form an Office Christmas Party committee: Ensure it’s made up of a good range of office staff. That way decisions about the event can be made fairly and openly, so everyone gets their say. Remember, you can never please everyone though!

  2. Decide on an invitation list: Is the party just for office staff or should clients and/or suppliers be invited too? It may be great PR to invite clients to a glitzy, extravagant bash you are holding, but do you really want them to see you at the end of the night? If you think you or your team members may jeopardise your company’s reputation, don’t invite ‘outsiders’!

  3. Set a date: Ensure this is done a few months ahead as Christmas is a busy time for everyone. Email to ensure that nobody is forgotten. Midweek parties can be a bit cheaper than those at the weekend, but is your boss happy about hangovers in the office the day after?

  4. Agree a budget: If the party is going to be paid for by your boss, check the maximum spend per person and what this should include? Ie food, drink, entertainment, accommodation, transport etc. If individuals are going to pay for themselves, check with everyone what their budget for the party is…..nobody wants any nasty surprises on the night.

  5. Decide on the nature of the event: Lunch or Dinner? Joiner party or exclusive party? Just a meal, or a disco afterwards? Additional entertainment such as a live band, cabaret act, comedian or casino? Advise the party goers of the dress code, particularly fancy dress themes, well in advance.

  6. Ensure the drinks are flowing: If your company are paying for the drinks, ensure that there is enough available on the night. There’s nothing worse than a party running dry. Not everyone will be drinking alcohol, so a good selection of soft drinks is important too.

  7. Feed the masses: Remember to cater for everyone’s dietary requirements when choosing a venue menu. Are there any vegetarians, vegans or coeliacs amongst you, and does anyone have a food allergy you need to alert the venue of? Will a buffet be sufficient, or will a sit-down meal make the evening feel more special? To ensure the evening runs smoothly, getting everyone’s menu choice and pre-ordering well in advance of the night is essential.

  8. Be accommodating: Is your Christmas party venue too far away for guests to travel home, and would the company or individuals budget stretch to overnight accommodation also? Many venues have a special rate for overnight stay booked at the same time as the party, or, if the venue doesn’t have bedrooms, they may have a preferential bedroom rate with a local hotel.

  9. Show me the way to go home: If party goers are going home at the end of the party, ensure that there are transport options for those who’ve had a beer or two. Check with the venue whether they would advise taxis to be booked in advance or even consider hiring a coach or minibus if more cost effective.

  10. Enjoy yourself! This is the one night of the year to let your hair down with your work colleagues. So sit back and relax knowing that our top ten tips have helped you arrange the best office Christmas party ever!

For an amazing selection of Christmas parties, visit or call 0560 129 7083.

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