How Forward Ladies Helped Emma Dalzell

I know I am blowing my own trumpet by publishing the compliments Emma Dalzell has paid me but I think its important to let you read her experience with Forward Ladies. When Emma joined Forward Ladies last year she had no idea where her decision would take her and it certainly led her in an unusual direction. I just want to add that before I recommended Emma for the opportunity below, Emma had done a highly successful workshop at one of our Positive Womens Days so I knew she would rise to the occasion. Here is what Emma said:

Emma“When I joined Forward Ladies last September, I had only just started my business, Bare Bones Marketing. I was new to networking with small businesses, having spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised! Sue France, who runs the Cheshire area to which I belong, has been so supportive. And I wanted to share in particular one of the opportunities that came my way as a direct result of Sue’s support. It’s certainly not something I would have been asked to do without her!

Merchant Taylor’s School in Crosby is one of the leading independent schools in the North West and in June I found myself presenting to 60 sixth form girls about their personal branding. It was a lovely experience and although I’m used to public speaking in front of hundreds of people, it was not my normal crowd! But I thoroughly enjoyed it, and apparently so did they as I’ve been asked by their Head of Careers to present on the same subject to a conference they are running for 30 other Heads of Careers from like-minded schools. It’s a great opportunity, not only to showcase my business, but to support education by giving them some commercial pointers to help the next generation of (hopefully) successful business women. I’m grateful to Sue for recommending me to them and needless to say I’m looking forward my second year as an active member of Forward Ladies.”

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