10 tips to organising a Wedding

A little bit of nerves never did anyone any harm, but too many wedding jitters can change what should be a wonderful day into a logistical nightmare. Planning and organisation could never be described as romantic words, but both are key to a making the big day special and stress free.

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'Perfect Setting'

‘Perfect Setting’

We know that each person has a different idea of how their big day will look, but whatever your vision, our top ten tips to organising a wedding can help you achieve it.

1. Choose a date. It sounds obvious, but first things first, you must set a date, or at least have a rough idea of the time of year. You might have a special day in mind already like a birthday or anniversary. Whatever your chosen date, it is advisable to check the events calendar for that year before you set your heart on a day. Major events, particularly sporting tournaments, may impact on venue availability, transport and accommodation. Even if it doesn’t, you don’t really want men rushing to find the nearest TV screen while you cut the cake.

2. Set your budget. After a date you need to consider your budget. It might be fantastic to hire a castle in the Scottish Highlands but if your budget won’t stretch to that there is no point in dreaming. That doesn’t mean that if your budget is small that you can’t have a fabulous day, it just means that if you know what you are willing to spend, you can create your perfect day at a price you can afford.

3. Get inspired. Decide what kind of a wedding you would like? Think about weddings you’ve been to. Was there anything that particularly stood out? Look in magazines for inspiration and cut out pictures that appeal. These cuttings will help you show others more clearly what you have in mind. Remember this is your day and you need to find a style that suits you.

4. Find a venue. Choosing a venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make and should also be one of the earliest. Wedding venues, even unusual ones, can get booked up well in advance. The ceremony and reception may be the same place, but if they are different you need to know that they are available on the same day and think about how guests will travel between the two. There are so many venue choices from traditional hotels to castles, theatres and even football stadiums. Choose what feels right for you. By all means do a search on the internet, but whatever else, make sure that you make a visit before you decide.

5. Draw up the guest list. Have a rough idea of who you might like to invite, because the number of guests might affect your choice of venue and will impact on your budget. Remember it is your day. Everyone understands that numbers are limited so be honest, you can’t invite everyone you would like to and explain why. Whatever the reason – family only, tight budget, small wedding – make sure that people who are not invited know that they are still important to you.

6. Enlist help. Bring in experts where you can. Hiring someone who organises big events all the time can take a lot of the stress out of day. You might want to hire a wedding planner to take on the whole day or part of it, for example booking the venue or entertainment. Enrolling the help of family and friends can help to share some of the strain, as well as adding to the excitement of the build-up by making people feel more involved in your plans.

7. Top entertainment. Good entertainment can really make the party go with a swing, adding the wow factor and giving your guests a night to remember. It’s worth investing in this area, be it a fabulous live band or a favourite DJ. Whoever you choose, make sure you’ve seen the entertainment first so that you know what to expect.

8. Get the good deal. The current economic climate means that there are plenty of good deals to be had. Negotiate on price where you can but be realistic, you can’t expect a champagne reception at cava prices. Get all your quotations in writing and factor in an extra 10% into your budget for unexpected costs.

9. Be you. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed, so if you plan to change your look for the day make sure that you try out any make-up or hairstyles well in advance to give enough time to reconsider. And whatever you do, don’t try out a last minute spray tan without knowing what to expect.

10. Enjoy. Remember that the real purpose of a wedding to celebrate your love for each other. Enjoy this special time, and that means the planning too, because it will be a memory before you know it and you want it to be a good one.

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