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Fighting Networking Fatigue – Barclays Forward Ladies Conference


If you weren’t one of the 150 women at the Barclays Forward Ladies Conference last week, you missed out on a truly inspiring event. Continue reading

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Facebook Europe appoints Nicola Mendelsohn

Facebook Europe Names Nicola Mendelsohn as New Head

The veteran advertising executive is to shortly take over as Vice President of Facebook’s European division. Mendelsohn will be leaving her role at Karmarama, where she worked with clients such as Costa, Honda and the BBC.The news of her appointment has again brought the issue of successful women in the business sector into light. She will be replacing Joanna Shields, and reporting to Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg. Continue reading

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FSA Steps in to Regulate Investment Advice

FSA Regulates Investment Advice

Customers can look forward to the implementation of new rules for investment advisors. One of the biggest shake-ups in the financial services sector is the radical change to the way financial advice is given. Financial advisers have traditionally been paid … Continue reading

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Mum’s the word!

Mum's the Word for Jo Tomlinson!

Jo Tomlinson of Business Works tells us her unique story. I am a single Mum and have been for seventeen years. My twin boys were two when my marriage broke down. When my boys were born, I would have loved … Continue reading

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The ‘T’ Word: Are You Using it Enough?

Giving heartfelt appreciation can be a powerful motivation tool

In a recent article for the Financial Times, Andrew Hill explores the value of the ‘T’ word in the workplace. His conclusion is that thanks and gratitude are not expressed frequently and appropriately enough by management bodies within companies until … Continue reading

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Women in Business: Dynamic Paths to Success

Panelists at the Thomson Reuters conference in November

Last month Thomson Reuters and Sapient’s Women’s Leadership Network came together to discuss paths to success for women in business. Here’s a brief summary of the do’s and don’ts the panelists recommended. DO: Take risks. Never be afraid to challenge yourself. Be brave … Continue reading

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The Leveson Inquiry: ‘Where is the Debate About the Portrayal of Women?’

The results of the Levenson Inquiry will affect all British National Newspapers

With Lord Leveson on the cusp of publishing the much anticipated results of his enquiry into the ethics of the journalists, it is time for a fresh look at how women appear in the media. Women’s pressure groups Eaves, End … Continue reading

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Blogging – The Benefits for your Business

Blog your Way to a Better Business

Most business owners recognise that in an increasingly digitalised age, having an online presence for a business is vital. Here is a short guide to help you launch your blog; read on to discover more of the benefits for your business. Continue reading

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Women of Colour in Business

Octavia Goredema, a successful entrepreneur, speaker and writer

A study released by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology in 2010, concludes that black women lack a substantial presence in business and the media. In a recent article, Octavia Goredema, a successful entrepreneur, speaker and writer deplores the fact … Continue reading

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Thinking of starting up in business?

Business Start-ups Don't Need to be Daunting.

There is never the perfect time to set up in business. An economic downturn could be as good a time as any – at least things can only get better and, when they do, you’ll be established and ready to take full advantage. If you are thinking of starting up in business read some practical advice from Sarah Parker, an experienced business adviser. Continue reading

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Women ONLY panel discussing the news on BBC! WOW!

What a pleasure it was last weekend to turn on the TV and to see 3 women discussing #BBCPapers at @BBCNews. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to do a double take. What’s really interesting and usual about this appearance … Continue reading

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