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British Airways extend On Business offer for Yorkshire Businesses

Tony Hallwood

Tony Hallwood, Marketing Director at Leeds Bradford Airport celebrates the extension of British Airways’ On Business offer for Yorkshire businesses


Yorkshire businesses have an early Christmas gift from British Airways with a reward flights offer extended over the festive period.

Companies in Yorkshire who joined the airline’s On Business loyalty programme this year automatically earned 3,120 bonus points, enough for two reward flights to London from Leeds Bradford Airport.

Now the offer has been extended to the end of the year, giving new business customers chance to connect with British Airways’ worldwide schedule from their local airport.

On Business is designed specifically to help small and medium sized companies. It is free to join and companies only need two or more travelling employees to qualify.

The bonus points were introduced to celebrate the move of British Airways Leeds Bradford flights from Heathrow’s Terminal 1 to the airline’s flagship home, Terminal 5 in March.

The three-times-a-day service connects Yorkshire business travellers with over 100 worldwide destinations served direct from Terminal 5.

All customers receive a generous free baggage allowance, complimentary onboard refreshments, free on-line seat selection 24 hours before departure, On Business customers also get access to Fast Track security and the newly refurbished Yorkshire Premier Lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Companies can earn On Business Points on all qualifying flights with triple points for the first six flights and they can be redeemed for flight upgrades, reward flights and hotel accommodation.

Tony Hallwood, Leeds Bradford Airport’s Marketing Director, said: “This is great news for the Yorkshire business community.  British Airways’ attractive loyalty programme, On Business, is designed to help reduce travel costs. For every qualifying flight you or your colleagues take, your company will earn ‘On Business Points’ which may then be redeemed for upgrades, flights or hotel accommodation. It’s a cost effective and easy way to ensure your business gains maximum benefit from travelling to London and worldwide.”

For Further information visit ba.com


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Children’s hospice gets a boost – thanks to Forward Ladies

A children’s hospice is to get a boost – thanks to kind-hearted members of a ladies’ networking group.

Members of the Merseyside and Cheshire branch of Forward Ladies group held a raffle at a networking lunch in aid of The Donna House Children’s Hospice in Stoke –on-Trent. Around 22 ladies took part in the raffle at the summer lunch event at Wychwood Park De Vere Hotel near Crewe to win a host of prizes from a personal training session to a facial at a spa in Warrington.

Donna Louise’s area fundraiser for South Cheshire and Newcastle-under-Lyme, Hannah Ward-Salt, was at the event which included a buffet lunch as well as speakers. She said:

“It was lovely to meet so many interesting ladies and to hear more about Forward Ladies and its members.

“It’s a really interesting group and we are grateful for the contribution they have made to our work.”

The event, entitled ‘Looking good on the outside, feeling great on the inside’ included talks from Helen and Paul Jones from health, wellbeing and fitness business, Mindgift, as well as complementary therapist, Amelia Campbell.

Forward Ladies invite inspirational speakers to address the ladies and also offer a mentoring system and advertising opportunities on their web site.

Sue France, who heads the Merseyside and Cheshire branch said: “Our members enjoyed a fabulous lunch, got plenty of tips on how to stay fit and healthy both on the inside as well as looking good on the outside as well as helping raise money for The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.”

Sue holds regular events which can be found on the Forward Ladies website www.forwardladies.co.uk or by e-mail at Sue.france@forwardladies.com.

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Forward Ladies launches in Stockport and SK postcode

The new Forward Ladies group for Stockport and the SK postcode was launched successfully on 10 June 2013 at the Village Urban Resort in Cheadle.  At the event Forward Ladies MD and founder, Etta Cohen, shared her advice on successful networking in a great presentation.  Etta’s presentation prompted a lot of positive feedback and she gave many tips about how to approach networking in a confident and well prepared way including:

  • Women can sometimes undersell themselves in networking – don’t introduce yourself by saying “I’m only a…”
  • Believe that you’ve every right to be there, believe in your business or job role
  • Remember that networking is work and you need to focus on what you’d like to achieve from it – think in advance about who you’d like to meet
  • Make sure you’ve prepared some “elevator pitches” about your products or services.  Different groups of people might be looking for different benefits from what you can offer, so tailor what you say to the likely requirements of their business/role.

The next event for the new group will be Stockport Coffee Morning Networking Meeting meeting on 26th September


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The art of talking to our children – have we lost it?

Whilst driving to work today I noticed a woman walking her young daughter to school (I assume)

The lady was rushing and was at least 8-10 feet ahead of her daughter. She was also very busy texting. The little girl was for all intents and purposes walking to school alone.

In my opinion- what a missed opportunity.

I remember walking to school with friends and chatting all the way or when with family holding their hand and talking. When I took my children to school in the car I encouraged them to chat although had strong opposition from Radio 1 as they grew older.

What I saw this morning was I believe a symptom of the society in which we live where texting, mobiles, i pads etc take priority over what should be our most valued possession – our children and the next generation.

What do you think?

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Fighting Networking Fatigue – Barclays Forward Ladies Conference

If you weren’t one of the 150 women at the Barclays Forward Ladies Conference last week, you missed out on a truly inspiring event. Lots of encouraging and positive responses to the event were also shared on twitter, under the #BarclaysForwardLadies hashtag.

The day saw women at all levels of business come together to share stories and valuable advice. The highlights included speeches from gap-year holiday planning Entrepreneur Deirdre Bounds and Emma Sinclair, of Target Parking.

While running a business can at times be a lonely endeavour, the pressure to network can be even worse. There is already a huge mixture of different networking groups out there, with a couple more launching just last month. Unsurprising then that some women get caught up in what Emma Sinclair, writing for The Telegraph, calls ‘network fatigue’. This recent Forward Ladies Conference was a reminder that female business networks are more than worth it.

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Facebook Europe appoints Nicola Mendelsohn

Facebook Europe Names Nicola Mendelsohn as New Head

Facebook Europe Names Nicola Mendelsohn as New Head

The veteran advertising executive is to shortly take over as Vice President of Facebook’s European division. Mendelsohn will be leaving her role at Karmarama, where she worked with clients such as Costa, Honda and the BBC.The news of her appointment has again brought the issue of successful women in the business sector into light. She will be replacing Joanna Shields, and reporting to Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg.

As a graduate of the University of Leeds who iniatially studied a BA in English and Theatre Studies, Mendelsohn is proof that there are always opportunities to retrain and change career paths. Mendelsohn, aged 41, is a mother of 4 who consistently maintains that having a family is not incompatible with enjoying a strong and successful career.

Concerns over the amount of information Facebook releases to its advertisers mean that Mendelsohn will be taking on considerable challenges in her new role. To read more click here.

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FSA Steps in to Regulate Investment Advice

Customers can look forward to the implementation of new rules for investment advisors.

FSA Regulates Investment Advice

FSA Regulates Investment Advice

One of the biggest shake-ups in the financial services sector is the radical change to the way financial advice is given. Financial advisers have traditionally been paid a commission for recommending a particular product, but this is a state of play not to continue for much longer. In what is perhaps a long overdue move, FSA has banned commission payments and introduced a different system of remunerating financial advisers from Jan 2013.

Michelle Barrett, Operations Director at Credit Claims based in Bolton says, ‘we welcome the changes being introduced, I just cannot believe it has taken so long for the regulator to realise something needed to be done to protect consumers. We see so many people who have suffered losses on their investments because of unsuitable products, often as a result of commission driven financial advisers’.

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) will see all sales of investment products like ISA’s, Unit Trusts and Investment Bonds subject to a more rigorous process. Any financial adviser will need to be qualified to the national Qualifications and Credit Framework Level 4 as a minimum. A new code of ethics has also been introduced leading to an annual ‘Statement of Professional Standing’, which each adviser must attain to give advice.

Consumers will now agree in advance how they wish to pay for advice.They can choose to pay a fixed upfront fee, or an hourly rate that could be up to and above £100 per hour. An ongoing monthly retainer and other options are also available.

Only those advisers who have access to products across the whole of the market can call themselves independent. All other advisers will have to disclose exactly what they can and cannot offer in terms of products available. Some may for example be able to only offer the products of one company and will have to make that clear to their customers.

Michelle says, ‘in our experience it is the highest commission paying investments that are often mis-sold to customers. In the past many advisers may have been tempted to recommend an unsuitable product because of these big payoffs, and we have had to deal with the fallout. Hopefully taking commission out of the equation we should see a reduction in the number of mis-sold investments’.

By Michelle Barrett

 At Credit Claims we have helped many people claim back thousands of pounds for mis sold PPI so call us today on 01204 896772 for a free PPI check.

Credit Claims has been Highly Commended for Customer Excellence in the last two years of the Bolton and Bury Business Awards. The company employs ten advisers, who help  reclaim for mis-sold investments, PPI and mis-sold mortgages.

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Maiden flight of new National Children’s Air Ambulance gets off the ground in the North East

The much anticipated Children’s Air Ambulance got off to a flying start this week, with its first ever transfer of a neonatal patient from a local hospital to a specialist paediatric care centre.

On the morning of Saturday 11th May, one day old Theo Mikova (weighing 4lb 14oz) was transferred on a fifteen minute flight from Scarborough Hospital to Hull Royal Infirmary after complications were revealed at his birth.

Once Theo arrived, doctors realised that he needed an operation on his oesophagus, which had failed to join correctly to his stomach and would make him very ill if left. Theo was transferred for emergency surgery via The Children’s Air Ambulance, while being looked after on board by the Embrace Yorkshire and Humber Infant and Children’s Transport Service, part of Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. This was the first emergency airlift of its kind to happen with The Children’s Air Ambulance and Embrace teams.After a difficult labour, Theo’s mum Denisa Mikova (19) had to be put under a general anaesthetic in order to give birth to Theo by emergency Caesarean section. He was born weighing just under 5lbs and was five days late.

Pilots Shaun Tinkler Rose and Paul Hogan took off in the Agusta 109 Grand helicopter, specially adapted to carry the latest specialist paediatric medical equipment, at 0925 from Coventry Airport. They collected the specialist medical team from Embrace headquarters and travelled to Scarborough Hospital to pick up little Theo. Once Theo was on board, flight time to Hull took just 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Denisa and Lee travelled to Hull Royal Infirmary in a land ambulance to join him when he came out of theatre. Such a swift and efficient move helps reduce stress on both the baby and the parents and quick intervention helps speed recovery.

After arriving at Hull Royal Infirmary, Theo underwent a tracheo-oesophageal fistula operation and is now recovering well with no expected complications.

Alex Toft, Director of Operations and Clinical Services for The Children’s Air Ambulance, said: “We are incredibly proud of The Children’s Air Ambulance.  This week sees the culmination of eighteen months of hard work and dedication from our teams to get this aircraft off the ground. We are a bespoke helicopter transfer service, which will be used to fly children to specialist hospitals so that they can receive the treatment they so desperately need. Taking a child out of the controlled environment of a hospital adds risk, we want to help minimise that risk.

Andy Williamson, CEO of The Children’s Air Ambulance, said:  ”The Children’s Air Ambulance is based at Coventry Airport and its helicopter can now be booked for use by NHS hospitals across the country. It is paid for entirely by donations from the public and receives no ­Government funding.”

Forward Ladies is a proud supporter of the Children’s Air Ambulance. The charity, run by the Air Ambulance Service, needs to raise £134,000 every month to keep operating.

For more information or to donate to The Children’s Air Ambulance visit www.thechildrensairambulance.org.uk or you can donate £5 by texting TCAA77 £5 to 70070.

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Mum’s the word!

Jo Tomlinson of Business Works tells us her unique story.

I am a single Mum and have been for seventeen years. My twin boys were two when my marriage broke down.

When my boys were born, I would have loved a period of extended maternity leave and the offer of a part-time role. But this was a time when employers were not obliged to find part-time work for women returning from maternity leave. I was the main bread winner and we just couldn’t afford for me to stay at home.

Mum's the Word for Jo Tomlinson!

Mum’s the Word for Jo Tomlinson!

When I returned to full-time work, the only concession I had was an earlier finish time so I could get home to do dinner, bath and bed. With the boys tucked up, I got out my laptop to hit the deadlines. This is the world of a professional working Mum and my world for the next thirteen years.

Until four years ago, when I decided to start my own accounting practice, I was still the only bread winner, with two fifteen year olds and the constant pressure of mortgage worries.  Looking back, I probably took on more contract work than I should have, taking me out of the business for months at a time, and I’ve had a couple of major surgeries to contend with. But I am proud to say that our practice, Business Works, now employs seven-people and is going really well.

I put a lot of our success down to two things: providing the service clients want, rather than the service, we want to provide, and people. People buy from people; they build relationships which, if nurtured, will last a lifetime. I’ve picked my team to give our clients what they need, a diverse range of skills and experience that satisfy the needs of a diverse range of clients.

All our qualified accountants have two things in common: we are all mothers with two kids. Each is a highly skilled accountant and the flexibility I give in the workplace allows them to have multiple non-exclusive priorities. We know that our kids are the most important things in our lives, but this does not stop us from meeting deadlines and doing a good job for our clients. We have mutual respect which goes beyond hours worked or seats warmed.

Employing part-time workers over full-time has brought a number of benefits. We’ve taken on overhead in a much smaller way, adding resource one client at a time rather than taking on the burden of the full workload of a full-time employee. Plus these overheads are smaller for two part time workers than one full-time equivalent due to the rules on charging employer’s national insurance.

Flexible working has also proven to be a real draw, allowing me to get the best people for my clients. In fact, they tend to approach me. The women I talk to typically worked in an accounting practice and left to have kids. They’ve heard about the flexibility we offer and know it is the answer for them.

I would like to say that this has been a deliberate strategy but it just happened that way. And I’m grateful it did. I could not be happier with the highly motivated, highly skilled team who I think of as an extension of my family. We are all in this together and I share everything with the guys. The harder we all work, the more successful we each will be and we will all benefit. It’s a winning formula.

Oh, and in case you were thinking we don’t just employ mums.. our apprentice Jake has just begun his AAT journey with us!

Business Works offers a range of services. To find out more, click here.

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Media Request: TV Opportunities

Have your extreme eating habits become uncontrollable?

Are your food phobias ruling and ruining your life?
Are you a ‘selective eater’? Is your diet strictly limited to one or two items?
Are you addicted to junk food or comfort eating?
Do you have a compulsion to eat certain foods?
Maybe you are obsessed with eating only pure or healthy foods…

If your relationship with food is seriously affecting your work life, home life or love life, or if this applies to any of your friends and family…

…Wall to Wall (www.walltowall.co.uk), producers of hit series such as Who Do You Think You Are? The Young Ones, Goodnight Britain and Long Lost Family would like you to get in contact for a potential new BBC factual series.

Please email foodcompulsions@walltowall.co.uk  or call 020 3301 7875 with some information about yourself and your contact details.


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